Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Estate Sale?

Sometimes referred to as “tag sales” in other areas of the country. Simply put, an estate is the sale of any or all contents of a home, conducted on the premises. This is not an auction. All items are priced for sale and the house is opened to the public during specified sale hours.

What should I do to prepare for a sale in my home?

The first and most important step, DO NOT throw anything away. Buyers are often looking for “smalls”, items that often seem inconsequential to the homeowner like postcards, tools, old photos and obscure memorabilia. There are many buyers for the small items in a home and they usually make up MORE than 50% of the total value in an estate sale.

How long does it take to set up and conduct the sale?

Most sales can be set up and conducted within a 7 day period. If we arrive early Monday we can have the sale ready that same weekend.

What if I want to keep a sentimental item in the house, can I leave it and pick it up after the sale?

It’s always best to remove items you plan on keeping from the sale site before our team begins the setup process. 

The houses in your sale pictures look “fancier” than mine… how can I make my house look like that?

You don’t, actually. I have a background in design, marketing and advertising and worked as a professional photo stylist. We will rearrange items in a house to make them display better. My job is to make your house look good for the camera to attract interested buyers.

How do you advertise?

We prepare two websites for each sale… Our website,, attracts many buyers as well as We have an extensive mailing list of people in interested in our general sales as well as specialty items and news of every sale is distributed through email to a network of local antique dealers. We also advertise in local newspapers, and use directional signs.   

What’s with the “numbers”? Do I need a number to get in the sale and how do I get one?

We typically post numbers the night before a sale at the sale site and you can only pick them up there. The numbers establish the order customers will line up and enter the sale. Some people want to be first in line or have a “low” number to increase their chances to get a particular item, others prefer to come after the initial rush. Everyone gets in, a number is not necessary to get in the sale.